Being a voice for the voiceless begins with friendship with God and falling more in love with Him. When we allow Him to break our hearts for what breaks His, we can't help but see this God Immanuel who loves and speaks on behalf of the broken and the poor. This love and friendship with God transforms us and compels us to love like Him in not just words, but action. 

Her debut album "To Find You"  is a collection of songs written over the past 6 years through her travels and work overseas with people in areas of poverty and war, as she saw God's goodness in the midst of chaos and brokenness. She carries a unique sound and desires to trumpet the simple message of giving your  "YES" to Jesus and following Him with a heart full of joy and hope. 

About Kelsie

Kelsie Plante is a Canadian worship leader and songwriter who is currently working full time with refugees and displaced families in the Middle East. Kelsie is passionate about writing music that reveals glimpses into the character of God, inspires creativity & provides a voice for the voiceless.  She believes in the importance of the unique story that each person has and the sound they have to release. 

Kelsie loves to enjoy the simple things, make a party out of any occasion, and spend quality time with her friends and family while taking pictures of everything. 

Instagram: @kelsieboehm